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About Clinical Trials

Next Level Clinical Trials a medical clinic in Los Angeles County that offers a full range of clinical research services. We conduct clinical trials that are overseen by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which are designed to assess the safety and efficacy of new medications and treatment. We are committed to providing study participants with excellent care and rewarding experience while at the same time providing accurate data to our sponsors.

What is a Clinical Trial?

What is a clinical trial? What is it for? Why should anyone participate?

A clinical trial is the process of ensuring the safety and efficacy of new medications, procedures, and devices, before they are made available to the general public. Each trial is carefully designed and conducted by a team of physicians and clinical research experts, in cooperation and coordination with government regulators, including the FDA.

Without clinical trials, advanced medicine as we know it would not exist. We live longer and healthier lives than our ancestors did just a few hundred years ago, in part due to advanced medicine. Today’s clinical trials help push the envelope by developing new medicines and treatments for illnesses, diseases, and other health issues that some of us and our children are facing. 

When you volunteer to become a trial participant, you are taking part in a process that will save lives, help those who are sick get better, or give someone a better quality of life despite their medical issues. By participating in a study, you also get access to the latest advanced medicines which are delivered by a dedicated team of highly qualify and experience medical professionals. The entire trial process is free to you and trial participants are also compensated for their time.

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